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Popular destinations open to most visitors from the United States

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Virgin Atlantic

New York City – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic

Los Angeles – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic

Miami – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic

Washington – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic

Boston – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic

San Francisco – London

Economy, 1 pass



/ round trip

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Virgin Atlantic Affordable Flights

Virgin Atlantic is a renowned airline with a modern fleet of aircraft, including state-of-the-art models like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. The airline is highly regarded for its commitment to passenger comfort, offering spacious seating and a wide range of personalized entertainment options.

Virgin Atlantic Benefits

  • Virgin Atlantic provides affordable flight options, including economy class fares catering to travelers seeking quality and value. 
  • Passengers can experience ample legroom and comfortable seating, ensuring a pleasant journey. 
  • Each seat is equipped with a personal seatback screen, offering a diverse selection of entertainment, making long-haul flights enjoyable.
  • In-flight dining on Virgin Atlantic is a delightful experience, with delicious food and drink options to satisfy various tastes. 
  • Passengers can also access complimentary Wi-Fi and charging ports to stay connected and powered up throughout their flight.

Virgin Atlantic Economy Class Features

Virgin Atlantic allows you to customize your journey with additional services, such as seat selection and checked baggage, tailoring the travel experience to individual preferences. The airline’s advanced aircraft have modern features, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the journey. Passengers can access the latest news and information through the in-flight magazine and entertainment system, staying informed and entertained throughout their flight.

The cabin crew on Virgin Atlantic flights are known for their friendliness and attentiveness, ensuring passengers feel well taken care of during their trip.

Virgin Atlantic’s loyalty program, Flying Club, rewards frequent travelers with opportunities to earn and redeem miles for various benefits, including flight upgrades and exclusive rewards.

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FAQs on Flying with Virgin Atlantic

What is the baggage allowance for economy class passengers?

Virgin Atlantic typically allows one carry-on bag, one personal item per passenger, and one or more checked bags within specific weight and size limits, depending on the route and fare type.

Is Wi-Fi available onboard Virgin Atlantic economy flights?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on most Virgin Atlantic flights, providing passengers with internet access and connectivity during their journey.

Can I choose my seat in advance when flying economy with Virgin Atlantic?

Yes, passengers can select their seats in advance through the airline’s website or customer service, subject to availability.

What type of food is available onboard Virgin Atlantic economy flights?

Virgin Atlantic offers a diverse range of delicious meal options, including special dietary requests that can be accommodated with prior arrangements. Passengers can also purchase snacks and beverages onboard.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when flying economy with Virgin Atlantic?

Indeed, Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club loyalty program allows passengers to earn and redeem miles for various rewards and benefits.

What are the check-in options for Virgin Atlantic economy class passengers?

Virgin Atlantic offers online and mobile check-in options, as well as traditional check-in at the airport. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport with sufficient time before their flight to complete the check-in process and other formalities.

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Miya King-Flaherty

I received a call in less than a minute from when I searched for my flight. Stewart was very friendly and helpful and listened to my flight requirements. I received such a great price as my own search resulted in hundreds more. I will be using Stewart’s services in the future. Thanks for making things easy.

user 2 | Virgin Atlantic

Charu Sardana

I had an extremely positive experience with Wowfare for my complex ticketing to India. Theo was not only patient & courteous, he was also very diligent and thoughtful to address all our requirements. I would highly recommend Theo & Wowfare for your travel needs.

user 3 | Virgin Atlantic

Michael D. Brandner

Kay worked very hard to complete a very complex and difficult trip and helped me schedule going with three different airlines to complete the return flight. He probably needed to work over 30 minutes overtime to accomplish this. Kay is indeed a very excellent person working at Wowfare! I will use Wowfare in the future because of Kay’s conscientiousness, diligence and competence.

user 4 | Virgin Atlantic

Rita Vasquez

Vermont helped make finding our tickets to Okinawa super easy! Provided a few options meeting our needs for the trip and literally got us the best deal after searching for the past week on our own. Definitely going to use this for all our travel plans! If there is anyway I could leave a tip $, please reach out so we can show our gratitude!

user 5 | Virgin Atlantic

Carolyn K.

This was our fist time to use Wowfare and I couldn’t have been more impressed with Adalyn. She found us fantastic flights at a great price and talked us through the whole process of booking. Very patiently answers a million questions! Highly recommend – they saved us about 1,000 on our trip. Will use again!

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Michael Lewis

I am new to international travel and I had many questions that may seem obvious to others with more experience. Melissa made me feel comfortable and answered my silly questions. She provided options for my trip that helped me make a travel decision that was right for me. I recommend her highly. Thank you.

user 7 | Virgin Atlantic

Salina Nac

I was looking for airline tickets, online tickets are very expensive, no bargain, I called Wowfare, I talked to Kelly, she helped me to get our tickets cheaper, and we saved a lot money. Kelly was so nice and very helpful.

user 8 | Virgin Atlantic

Meriam Ayari Dridi

I highly recommend Wowfare to everyone who wants to find good deals and awesome customer service. Tyson was so patient, so professional and so helpful and he did a great job, that was my second experience with them and not the last for sure.