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8 Cheap Fall Break Family Getaway Ideas

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San José, Costa Rica

cheap fall break family getaway - san josé, costa rica

Dubai, UAE

cheap fall break family getaway - Dubai, UAE

Marrakech, Morocco

cheap fall break family getaway - Marrakech

Porto, Portugal

cheap fall break family getaway - Porto, Portugal

Istanbul, Turkey

cheap fall break family getaway - Istanbul, Turkey

Chiang Mai, Thailand

cheap fall break family getaway - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Niagara Falls, New York, USA

cheap fall break family getaway - Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

cheap fall break family getaway - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

8 Budget-Friendly Destination Dupes

Travelers often plan trips around specific events, and Fall offers a vibrant array of holidays and festivals worldwide, each as compelling as visiting renowned museums.

cheap fall break family getaway Halloween | 8 Cheap Fall Break Family Getaway Ideas
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (China, Vietnam, and other East Asian countries): Typically held in mid-September, this festival is celebrated under the full moon and is associated with moon worship and moon watching. Families come together to eat mooncakes and lantern parades are common, especially in regions with significant Chinese populations.
  • Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (late September and running into October): Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest, combining a massive beer festival and a traveling funfair. Attendees from all over the globe flock to Munich to enjoy traditional foods, vibrant parades, and, of course, a variety of beers.
  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the USA (early October): This event is the largest balloon festival in the world. Visitors can watch as the sky fills with hundreds of colorful hot air balloons, participate in evening glow events, and enjoy family-friendly activities against a backdrop of breathtaking New Mexico landscapes.
  • Halloween (October 31): Halloween, where celebrations include costume parties, trick-or-treating, and pumpkin carving. It’s a particularly special time to visit theme parks and historical sites, which often host themed events and ghost tours that offer spooky fun and insights into local lore.
  • Day of the Dead in Mexico (November 1-2): This vibrant celebration features a carnival procession of “dead people,” candy skulls, and candlelit night ceremonies. Far from being macabre, the holiday honors the deceased and celebrates life, blending reverence with festivity.
  • Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain (November 5): On Guy Fawkes Night, the night skies of Great Britain light up with bonfires and fireworks, commemorating the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. The tradition includes children collecting money for firecrackers, adding a playful touch to the historical observance.
  • Opening of the Ball Season in Vienna (November 11): Vienna’s ball season begins with a public waltz on Graben Street. Open to everyone, participants can join in the dance after a brief lesson, experiencing the city’s rich cultural heritage firsthand.
  • Loy Kratong in Thailand (November Full Moon): Celebrated on the full moon night, Thais launch tiny boats made of banana leaves with lit candles on water bodies. This beautiful ritual expresses gratitude to water spirits and acts as a purification rite, reflecting Thailand’s deep cultural spirituality.
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (November): The climax of the Formula 1 racing season occurs in Abu Dhabi. The grand event attracts 55,000 spectators to a state-of-the-art autodrome, buzzing with excitement and competitive spirit.
  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the United States (Last Thursday of November): Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and family gatherings, followed by Black Friday, the kickoff for Christmas shopping. This November sales trend is increasingly adopted by other countries, offering travelers an excellent opportunity for holiday shopping.

Prices for Fall Vacation with Kids

Effective Tips for Vacationing with Kids

  • Involve Kids in Planning: Let your kids have a say in the vacation planning process. Show them pictures and videos of potential destinations and activities, and let them choose a few they are excited about. This involvement makes them feel valued and more enthusiastic about the trip.
  • Prepare a Snack Pack: Kids can get hungry at the most inconvenient times. Prepare a snack pack with a variety of healthy and favorite snacks. Include options like fruit slices, granola bars, and crackers. Having snacks on hand can prevent meltdowns and keep energy levels up.
  • Utilize Local Resources: Research local parenting blogs, forums, and social media groups for the destination you’re visiting. These resources often have invaluable insider tips on kid-friendly activities, restaurants, and events that may not be listed in traditional travel guides.
  • Pack a First-Day Survival Kit: The first day of vacation can be the most chaotic. Pack a small survival kit with essentials like a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, and comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket. This kit can help you handle unexpected situations with ease.
  • Embrace Educational Experiences: Turn sightseeing into a learning adventure. Visit museums, historical sites, and nature reserves that offer interactive exhibits and educational programs for kids. These experiences can be both fun and enriching, making the vacation memorable and meaningful.
  • Use Technology Wisely: While you don’t want your kids glued to screens, strategic use of technology can be a lifesaver. Download educational apps, audiobooks, and movies on a tablet for long journeys or downtimes. Just ensure a balance between screen time and other activities.
  • Establish a Vacation Routine: Kids thrive on routine, so try to maintain some semblance of their daily schedule. Keep consistent meal times, naps, and bedtimes. This familiarity can help them adjust to new environments more comfortably and keep everyone in a better mood.


When is the cheapest time to travel in the fall?

Generally, early fall (September) and late fall (November) offer the most affordable rates on flights and accommodation compared to peak foliage periods (mid-October). Traveling on weekdays can also be cheaper than on weekends.

Where are some budget-friendly fall destinations?

The United States is brimming with stunning fall landscapes without a hefty price tag. Consider national parks like Shenandoah National Park in Virginia or Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. Smaller towns nestled amidst fall foliage are also charming and affordable options.

How can I save money on accommodation?

Look for vacation rentals with kitchens, which allow you to prepare some meals instead of constantly eating out. Motels can be a more budget-friendly option than hotels, and some offer amenities like free breakfast. Consider staying slightly outside the city center, where rates might be lower.

What are some tips for saving on food?

Packing snacks and refillable water bottles helps avoid unnecessary purchases. Opt for self-catering accommodations and prepare meals together as a family activity. Research local farmers’ markets for fresh produce at great prices.

Are there any ways to save on transportation?

Plan a road trip and pack a cooler with drinks and snacks to minimize rest-stop expenses. If flying is necessary, utilize budget airlines and search for deals well in advance. Consider public transportation options like buses or trains in your destination city.

What are some additional ways to keep costs down?

Pack versatile clothing so you can layer and create multiple outfits. Look for free or discounted activities from your accommodation or local tourist information centers. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi to avoid data roaming charges while traveling internationally.

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