Main Carnival | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

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Carnival celebrations

Top Carnival Celebrations on a Budget

We gathered several big Carnival destinations that may interest you. They take place every year in February, attracting a huge number of locals and foreign tourists. Looking for the perfect time to jet-set? Curious about quirky and unique festivals? Or maybe you just want to keep up to date with what’s happening worldwide?  In this post, we will tell you the world’s most vibrant and unforgettable events! Among all this diversity, there’s something exciting for every traveler to discover!

Carnival celebrations Rio | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

The Iconic Rio Carnival

Date: February 9-17

The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a spectacle of samba parades and theatrical shows held at the Sambadrome in the city center, drawing massive crowds. Here, 14 of the most famous samba schools compete for the championship title. Each school showcases its skill in an 80-minute performance, marked by the thunderous beats of drums and the singing of its anthems, revealing the story of its presentation through elaborate costumes and dance. Expert judges evaluate each school’s performance.

The Carnival in Brazil is a celebration for all its people. Many local celebrities also actively participate in its organization and execution, unabashedly flaunting their semi-nude bodies. Preparations for this festival begin from a young age. Even in stores, carnival clothing for children is available, starting from as young as one year old.

Note: The carnival has long become a significant revenue source, attracting tourists from around the globe. However, when heading to this spectacular celebration, it’s crucial to remember personal safety measures. Tourists are advised not to leave their hotels with more than $20 in their pockets.

Carnival celebrations Mardi Gras | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

The Colorful Mardi Gras Celebration

Date: February 13

Carnival celebrations Venice | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

Magic and Mystery of Carnival in Venice

Date: January 27 – February 13

Don an elaborate mask and costume to blend into the elegant 18th-century atmosphere of the Carnevale di Venezia. Catch water regattas in Saint Mark’s Basin, enter costume contests on Saint Mark’s Square, and wander narrow alleys soaking up the romantic charm. Or forego masks and simply indulge in chocolate-dipped frittelle donuts and vibrant wine while gliding along ancient canals on a shared gondola ride. No matter how you experience it, Venice Carnival captures the enduring magic of La Serenissima.

Note: While hotels on the main island are very expensive during Carnival season, you can stay affordably in towns like Mestre, Treviso or Padua and take trains into Venice for $5-$10 each way.

Beyond Carnival celebrations: Alternative Winter Festival Gems

Step beyond the traditional carnival scene and discover a world brimming with lesser-known but equally enchanting winter festivals. Embrace the unexpected and let these alternative winter festivals redefine your travel bucket list.

sanremo music festival | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

Sanremo Music Festival

Date: February 6-10

Sapporo Snow Festival | Top Carnival Celebrations Worldwide in February 2024

Sapporo Snow Festival

Date: February 4-11

You can stay affordably at one of Sapporo’s many design-savvy and spotlessly clean hostels like Embrace or Marks Inn. Then, use the city’s efficient metro and buses to easily reach all the frozen magic across Sapporo. Besides, end chilly days soaking in onsens or warming up with hot ramen noodles and Japanese craft beer on a budget.

Tips for Budget-Savvy Carnival Goers

Attending a vibrant festival is a must-do at least once. To ensure your trip leaves only pleasant memories, here are some simple tips:

  • Staying in the city center is convenient, but the suburbs are more affordable. A few days are enough to enjoy a carnival. If possible, stay in the city center to save travel time and enjoy early morning or late evening city walks. However, be prepared for higher prices. If long commutes by train or metro aren’t for you, plan your accommodation options in advance.
  • Don’t set strict plans. Sure, you can research carnival websites and pick events that interest you, but be aware of potential delays due to traffic, crowded streets, and subways.
  • Book restaurants and cafes in advance. Even for a pizzeria, getting a table can be tough. Cities are crowded during carnivals, and restaurants can’t accommodate everyone.
  • Bring a costume. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. The city is filled with various characters during the carnival, so you’ll fit right in. Having a costume might also grant you access to exclusive events, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.
  • Be vigilant. In large crowds, keep an eye on your belongings and choose comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • Purchase tickets for a carnival ball in advance. Carnival celebrations are divided into free street events and paid ones in palaces and theaters. Buy tickets early to ensure you get into the events you want.

Reveling in Festive Diversity

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