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Asia Travel Guide: Consider One of These 5 Countries to Visit in Asia on Your Next Vacation!

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Getting Ready for a Trip

Getting Ready for a Trip

What should I prepare before going abroad?

  • Choose a country, buy airline tickets, and if required, obtain a visa
  • Work out a general itinerary around the country
  • Map the sights in the cities you plan to visit
  • Book accommodation
  • Prepare all documents, travel insurance, and a SIM card for the Internet.
  • Highlight important sights along the route, study information about the country
  • Check any necessary vaccinations that you might need
  • Research the cost of living in that particular country to see how you’ll spend on essentials like stays, eats, rides, and fun during your vacation

What are the fastest flights to Asia from the USA?

What are the best airlines to fly to Asia from the USA?

  • ANA treats all economy passengers to amenity kits and complimentary in-flight entertainment. Traveling to countries to visit in Asia is enhanced by ANA’s economy class, offering comfy seats with ample legroom and adjustable headrests. Enjoy free meals and drinks, with Japanese dishes available.
  • Thai Airways economy class enhances the journey with blankets, pillows, and free meals and drinks, showcasing the renowned Thai hospitality when exploring countries to visit in Asia. Their vast route network facilitates smooth connections throughout Asia.
  • Cathay Pacific stands out for its superior service on flights to countries to visit in Asia, offering economy seats with ergonomic cushions and adjustable headrests for long-haul comfort. Passengers relish complimentary meals, snacks, drinks, and entertainment, with popular regional dishes frequently served.

1. the Philippines: Countries to Visit in Asia

Visa: A tourist visa is not required for U.S. citizens in the Philippines if the stay is under three months. But you do need to present a valid passport and proof of return ticket.

Main dishes: lontong – rice in banana leaves, siumai – rice flour dumplings, pansit – rice noodles with pork or seafood, steamed fish – sea bass, mackerel, shark, chanos, squid and octopus meat, lechon – fried suckling pig, chicharon – pork rinds.

Best time to travel: The ideal period for visiting the Philippines falls during the dry season from January to April, offering warm and agreeable weather while steering clear of the summer months’ humidity.

countries to visit in Asia the Philippines | Asia Travel Guide: Consider One of These 5 Countries to Visit in Asia on Your Next Vacation!

Best cities to visit:




2. Japan: Countries to Visit in Asia

Visa: In 2024, US citizens still have the benefit of traveling to Japan for tourism, business meetings, conferences, and visiting friends or relatives without the requirement of a visa.

Main dishes: Sushi and sashimi; ramen: a beloved noodle soup dish with countless regional variations; tempura: lightly battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables; udon and soba: different types of Japanese noodles served in hot or cold dishes; yakitori: skewered and grilled chicken.

Best time to travel: The optimal times to explore Japan are from March to May and from September to November when the weather is both warm and dry.


Best cities to visit:




3. Malaysia: Countries to Visit in Asia

Visa: In 2024, US citizens can travel to Malaysia without a tourist visa. Holders of US passports are permitted to stay in Malaysia for up to 90 days for short visits. For a smooth and secure trip, please ensure you read all the information provided below.

Main dishes: The most popular food in Malaysia is either Nasi Lemak (a fragrant coconut rice dish served with prawn sambal, fried anchovies, and peanuts) or Roti Canai (a crispy, flaky flatbread typically served with curry or dhal).

Best time to travel: The ideal period to explore Malaysia varies by region: April to October is perfect for the East Coast, while December to March suits the West Coast best. For those planning to visit the island of Borneo, March to October is recommended. Situated near the equator, Malaysia experiences a climate that is generally hot, humid, and quite rainy throughout the year.

countries to visit in Asia Malaysia | Asia Travel Guide: Consider One of These 5 Countries to Visit in Asia on Your Next Vacation!

Best cities to visit:

Langkawi Island

Kuala Lumpur

Borneo Island (Kalimantan)

4. Vietnam: Countries to Visit in Asia

Visa: In 2024, holders of US passports need to secure a visa for entry into Vietnam and have the option to apply for an eVisa, which can be either a 3-month single or multiple entry. The US passport must remain valid for a minimum of six months after the planned exit date and contain at least two blank pages for visas.

Main dishes: Pho – a traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup, often served with beef or chicken. Banh mi – a Vietnamese sandwich typically made with a baguette filled with various savory ingredients such as pork, pate, and cucumber. Bun cha – grilled pork served with vermicelli noodles

Best time to travel: The optimal period for traveling to Vietnam spans from November to April when weather conditions vary across different regions. In Hanoi and the northern areas, May to October experiences hot, humid weather with significant rainfall, while November to April offers cooler, dry conditions. In the far north, December and January can be especially chilly.

countries to visit in Asia Vietnam | Asia Travel Guide: Consider One of These 5 Countries to Visit in Asia on Your Next Vacation!

Best cities to visit:

Da Nang

Phu Quoc Island

Nha Trang

5. China: Countries to Visit in Asia

Visa: Holders of a U.S. passport can enter Hong Kong without a visa. However, those intending to travel from Hong Kong to mainland China must obtain a visa in advance. It’s advisable to apply for this visa roughly one month prior to your journey, as visas are not issued upon arrival at the port of entry.

Main dishes: The traditional categorization of Chinese cuisine identifies Cantonese cooking by its sweet and crunchy characteristics. Among the most beloved dishes is dim sum, known for being a light and bite-sized appetizer. Key favorites within this cuisine include recipes such as lake fish, pork zongzi wrapped in lotus leaves, and lunjing shrimp.

Best time to travel: April, May, June, September, and October are perfect for traveling to nearly any destination within the country, though it’s worth noting that tourist spots may be more crowded during these months. Additionally, it’s advisable to steer clear of certain festivals, like National Week at the start of October, due to the potential for increased congestion.

countries to visit in Asia China | Asia Travel Guide: Consider One of These 5 Countries to Visit in Asia on Your Next Vacation!

Best cities to visit:




What do I need to know before going to Asia?

  • Don’t drink the tap water – it can make you sick. But ice is usually safe since it’s made with filtered water.
  • Be respectful of local beliefs – whether that’s not touching heads, walking away from monks, or taking your shoes off. You’re a guest, so act like one.
  • Watch your drink if you order an “extra strong” bucket – stuff sometimes ends up in the straws. A local tipped me off on that one.
  • Stay healthy – drink water and eat your veggies, folks. Feeling crappy ruins temple explorations and long bus rides.
  • And while in Asia, scuba dive! Way cheaper than back home and a total blast. Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam have primo spots and cheap PADI certification.

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