travel in summer main | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

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1. Philippines Independence Day

travel in summer - Philippines Independence Day

When: June 12, 2024

Travelers visiting during this time will find many events and sights that offer a deep insight into the Filipino spirit and heritage. The day typically starts with a flag-raising ceremony and wreath-laying activities at national hero monuments, prominently at Rizal Park in Manila. These solemn ceremonies are complemented by colorful parades, cultural shows, and street festivals featuring traditional music and dance. Government buildings and streets are adorned with the Philippine flag and various red, white, blue, and yellow ornamental displays. The celebration is usually capped off with spectacular fireworks displays in major cities, which light up the night sky in vibrant colors, creating a memorable experience for all.

2. Inti Raymi

travel in summer Inti Raymi | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: Jun 24, 2024

Travelers visiting Cusco during Inti Raymi will witness these stunning reenactments and enjoy traditional music, dance, and theatrical performances that bring Incan history to life. This provides invaluable insight into Peru’s rich cultural fabric and the continuity of its ancestral traditions.

Note: Beyond the festival, visitors can explore Cusco’s cobblestoned streets, sample traditional Peruvian cuisine, and visit nearby Incan ruins like Machu Picchu to complete their cultural journey.

3. Glastonbury Festival

travel in summer Glastonbury Festival | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: June 23-29, 2024


1. Japan’s Tanabata Festival (Japan’s Star Festival)

travel in summer Japans Star Festival | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: April 2July 7, 2024

2. Running of the Bulls Festival

travel in summer Running of the Bulls Festival | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: July 6-14, 2024

3. Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

travel in summer Paris 2024 Summer Olympics | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: July 26 – August 11, 2024


1. Lollapalooza Music Festival

travel in summer Lollapalooza Music Festival | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: August 1-4, 2024

2. Notting Hill Carnival

travel in summer Notting Hill Carnival | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: Augut 25-26, 2024

3. La Tomatina

travel in summer La Tomatina | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: August 28, 2024

4. Burning Man

travel in summer Burning Man | Global Events Digest: Where to Travel in Summer 2024

When: August 25 – September 2, 2024


Visiting events during the summer can be an exhilarating experience, offering vibrant festivals, cultural gatherings, and memorable occasions. To make the most of your summer event travels, here are some essential tips and recommendations:

  • Research Early: Many summer events, such as music festivals, cultural celebrations, and sports events, attract thousands of visitors. Research the events early, understand the ticketing options, and book beforehand to secure your spot.
  • Accommodation: Book your accommodation well, as hotels and rentals near popular events tend to fill up quickly. Consider staying a little further away from the event location for potentially lower rates and a quieter environment.
  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Check the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly. Summer usually means hot weather, but evenings can be cool, especially in desert or coastal areas.
  • Comfortable Footwear: You’ll likely be on your feet often, so bring comfortable shoes. Durable and water-resistant footwear is advisable for outdoor events.
  • Sun Protection: Pack sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to protect against sunburn. A reusable water bottle is also essential to stay hydrated.
  • Event Kit: Depending on the event, your kit might include items like a portable charger, a light raincoat, a small backpack, and basic first aid supplies.
  • Cash and ID: Some events might have limited card facilities, especially in more remote or overcrowded areas. Always carry some cash and your identification.
  • Local Transport: Familiarize yourself with the local transportation options available, like buses, trains, and rideshare services. Check if the event offers shuttle services, which can be a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel.
  • Parking: If you’re driving, learn about parking options beforehand. Some events offer pre-paid parking, which can save time and stress on the event day.
  • Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Summer heat can be intense, especially in crowded settings. Drink plenty of water and eat regularly to maintain your energy levels.
  • Know the Emergency Exits: In case of an emergency, always know where the closest emergency exits and medical tents are located.
  • Plan for Downtime: After days of excitement, schedule some downtime to relax and recuperate. It could be a quiet day at a nearby beach or a leisurely stroll through a local park.
  • Review and Share: Take time to review your experiences and share feedback with event organizers. Sharing your stories and photos on social media is also a great way to relive the event and encourage others to participate in the future.

Events in Summer 2024

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