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10 Must-Try Summer Family Vacation Ideas for 2024

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Should You Travel with Kids in Summer? Pros & Cons

Summer might be the height of tourist season, but hitting the road is both doable and worthwhile. Stepping away from the everyday hustle not only refreshes the spirit but also comes with perks exclusive to the midsummer:

  • Long, sunny days mean more time to explore and enjoy.
  • Warm weather opens up a range of outdoor activities that aren’t possible at other times of the year.
  • The waters of the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic Seas warm up beautifully, making it nearly impossible to get the kids out of the sea!
  • Southeast Asia is in its low season, meaning fewer crowds and minimal rain. Resorts ramp up their entertainment, ensuring the kids never have a dull moment.
  • Festivals occur worldwide, perfect for planning a culturally rich June-August getaway with your little ones.
  • Markets burst with fresh fruits and vegetables—ideal for a delicious, vitamin-packed snack.
  • Europe kicks off its summer sales, a great chance to snag deals on useful items.

Summer breaks are fantastic, but they come with a few challenges: scorching heat, steep prices, and crowded resorts. However, there’s a way to beat these drawbacks and make the most of your vacation:

  • Stick to the beach and outdoor activities during the cooler morning and evening hours.
  • To avoid the summer sun, always wear sunscreen, wear a hat, and drink plenty of water.
  • By timing your outings and taking these simple precautions, you can enjoy a spectacular summer break without the downsides.

Booking your tours, hotels, and flights early can save you a bundle on your vacation. Lock in lower prices and snag those deals on airfare with Wowfare. For more savvy savings tips, check out our “How to Save Money” section. Get ahead, book early, and spend less on your next getaway!

The summer months of July and August see a surge in travelers, as this is the prime vacation season in many countries, where domestic tourism peaks. During this time, most places will be bustling with holidaymakers. If a quiet seaside retreat or leisurely sightseeing tour is what you’re after, you might want to consider postponing your trip until the fall. Typically, mountain resorts are your best bet for finding some tranquility during the summer buzz.

For those planning family vacations, think about alternative family vacation ideas for summer break that allow for both adventure and relaxation without the crowds. Whether it’s exploring lesser-known spots or embracing the early booking advantage, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your summer getaway.

Sun & Sand Getaways

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer with your kids than at a seaside resort. Picture building sandcastles and splashing in the gentle waves—these are the kinds of memories that will warm you through the winter months. Make the most of the sunny days and balmy nights by soaking up enough summer warmth to last the whole year. Kid-friendly summer destinations like these are perfect for a family getaway filled with joy and relaxation.

Alicante, Spain

Family Vacation Ideas - Alicante

It is a hotspot for family vacation ideas, blending modern amenities with vibrant nightlife and wallet-friendly prices, making it a magnet for younger travelers. Nestled on Spain’s stunning Costa Blanca, Alicante sets itself apart from the country’s more traditional historic towns. With six sprawling beaches covering roughly 100 km, there’s ample sand for building castles and soaking up the sun. The average summer temperature hovers around a pleasant 26°C (about 79°F).

When it comes to costs, Alicante keeps things reasonable: you can grab lunch for around $16, and a cozy hotel room for two averages about $162 per night.

Athens, Greece

Family Vacation Ideas - Athens

Athens ranks high among the best places for a family vacation, especially during the summer break. This vibrant capital city is a treasure trove of historical sites, from ancient ruins to winding cobblestone streets. Travelers to Athens can enjoy a perfect blend of cultural immersion with visits to millennia-old structures and lazy days spent on the picturesque beaches along the Mediterranean, spanning an area of 100 km².

The cost of visiting Athens is quite reasonable in many respects. Dining out in a budget-friendly restaurant will set you back about $13, and public transportation is readily available for exploring the city. However, accommodation tends to be on the pricier side, with the average nightly rate for a hotel room around $243.

Bodrum, Turkey

Family Vacation Ideas - Bodrum, Turkey

This Destination is a top contender for budget-friendly family vacation ideas in the Eastern Mediterranean. This city offers expansive beach recreational areas, with Akyarlar Beach shining as its crown jewel. Besides the sun and sand, Bodrum is steeped in history, home to the ancient Greek ruins of Halicarnassus and the 15th-century Bodrum Castle, among other sites.

One of the biggest draws of Bodrum is its affordability. Dining in a mid-range restaurant costs just $5, while hotel rooms during peak season average around $88 per night. Whether you’re exploring historic sites or lounging on the beaches, Bodrum provides a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

Benidorm, Spain

Family Vacation Ideas - Benidorm, Spain

It is an ideal spot for family vacations, attracting families and young folks alike with its blend of attractions and affordability. This vibrant city is packed with things to do, from thrilling water parks to delightful cuisine and endless stretches of sandy beaches—all at some of Spain’s lowest prices.

During the peak tourist season, you can snag a double room for about $140 and enjoy a meal at a restaurant for just $14.

Mountain Getaways

When considering family vacation ideas for the summer, pediatricians often recommend escaping the hustle and bustle and beating the heat. Mountain resorts are perfect for this, offering a serene and cool environment ideal for summer getaways. These destinations not only provide a peaceful retreat but are also great for effortlessly enhancing your child’s health.

Zell am See – Kaprun, Austria

Family Vacation Ideas - Zell am See - Kaprun, Austria

Zell am See – Kaprun in Austria is an exceptional choice for a family vacation, especially during the summer break. It’s one of the few places where you can go from sunbathing on the beach to skiing on the slopes in just 15 minutes! The area boasts perfect summer temperatures between +20-25°C (68-77°F), while Lake Zeller’s waters are a pleasant +22°C (71.6°F)—ideal for a swim. The beaches here are grassy and well-maintained, perfect for lounging under the sun. Plus, the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier offers skiing until July 21, thanks to its persistent snow cover.

What’s more, Zell am See – Kaprun has a special summer program for kids aged 5-15, featuring hiking and various outdoor activities. There are also plenty of playgrounds for smaller children. And if you’re up for a little travel, the resort is within easy reach of Salzburg, the salt mines in Berchtesgaden, the silver mines in Schwaz, and Eisriesenwelt—the largest ice cave in the world.

Oberstdorf, Germany

Family Vacation Ideas - Oberstdorf, Germany

It is a gem for a summer break, offering perfect family vacation ideas without the crowds you’d find in busier seasons. While this mountain resort is traditionally more popular in winter, summer in Oberstdorf is a secret worth discovering for its cool, quiet, and activity-rich environment.

Early July is the ideal time to visit with children due to the excellent vacation conditions and minimal fuss. You can take advantage of a ready-made program of family hikes in the mountains, let the kids go to the mini-club and laze by the pool, fly on a zipline in the rope park, add extreme sports during rafting or mountain biking, sunbathe on the shores of Lake Freibergsee. You can also go on excursions to the famous castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, see the world’s tallest cathedral in Ulm and get to the Skyline amusement park in Bad Werishofen.

Donovaly, Slovakia

Family Vacation Ideas - Donovaly, Slovakia

This place is a top pick for a family vacation during summer break. It offers breathtaking mountain views, dense forests, and fresh air—all for a budget-friendly price. This destination in the heart of Donovaly National Park offers opportunities for adventure and relaxation. 

Explore the great outdoors with a trek up the mountains or visit the stunning Demjanovský and Harmanecka caves. Step back in time with trips to the ancient fortresses of Orava, Likava, and Liptovský Mikuláš, or unwind in the thermal pools of Bešeňová Park. For kids, Donovaly is a playground of fun. There is an Arena Amusement Park, Habakuky Fairytale Park, and Playgrounds. 

Accommodations in Donovaly are family-friendly. There is a good selection of hotels, predominantly apartment-style lodging. Dining options are plentiful, although bringing along baby food is recommended for those with little ones.

Amusement Parks

If your kids light up at the idea of amusement parks, why not plan a grand summer getaway to one of the world’s top theme parks? These places are so vast and packed with fun that you’ll find that a single day isn’t nearly enough to experience everything on offer. Let’s explore some family vacation ideas for where to jet off with your child this summer for an unforgettable adventure.

Hansa Park, Germany

Family Vacation Ideas Hansa Park | 10 Must-Try Summer Family Vacation Ideas for 2024

Hansa Park in Germany may only rank as the country’s fifth-largest amusement park, but with 125 rides, it’s a world of excitement on its own! Located near Hamburg, Hansa Park offers a dazzling array of attractions, from colorful roller coasters, swings, and merry-go-rounds to a heart-stopping free-fall tower, water playgrounds, and extreme rides. There’s even a charming mini-town just for kids.

At the heart of the park is the “Hansa” thematic zone, where you can stroll through architectural marvels representing cities of the historic Hanseatic League. You’ll also find vintage fairground carousels that add a touch of nostalgia. Beyond the thrills, the park has various restaurants and cafes to refuel and boasts its own hotel complex right on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Family Vacation Ideas Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom | 10 Must-Try Summer Family Vacation Ideas for 2024

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the resort’s flagship park, is a masterpiece of themed lands radiating from the awe-inspiring Cinderella Castle. Adventure through swashbuckling pirate adventures, explore the whimsical world of Fantasyland and hurtle through the future in Tomorrowland. Each land boasts iconic attractions like “It’s a Small World” and Space Mountain, offering something for every thrill-seeker and dreamer. Originally opened in 1971, Magic Kingdom continues to evolve, capturing the hearts of generations with its timeless charm and innovative experiences.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Tampa, Florida

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay | 10 Must-Try Summer Family Vacation Ideas for 2024

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay gears up to launch the thrilling Phoenix Rising suspended coaster in spring 2024. This high-speed attraction joins the park’s impressive lineup, which recently welcomed the Serengeti Flyer—currently the world’s fastest and tallest ride, standing at 135 feet tall and reaching speeds of 68 mph.

At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of entertainment options, from the excitement of the theme park and its adjacent water park to a full-fledged zoo housing over 200 animal species. The park’s ride selection caters to all preferences, featuring a heart-racing triple-launch roller coaster, a family-friendly spin coaster, a towering 335-foot drop tower, and a thrilling whitewater rafting experience.

How to Save Money

Achieving an affordable vacation during peak season might seem tough, but it’s totally possible with some smart planning. Here are some cost-saving strategies to help you enjoy a wonderful family vacation and save:

  • Early Bookings: Start by booking your tours, flights, and accommodation early—ideally 3-4 months ahead. Early birds get the widest selections at the lowest prices. Try WowFare for affordable air tickets that don’t skimp on comfort.
  • Smart Dining: Eating out can add up, especially at tourist spots near the coast. Opt for charming local cafes just a bit further from the sea to enjoy authentic cuisine at better prices. Also, paying in local currency can save you unnecessary fees.
  • Travel Insurance: Secure travel insurance in advance to cover unexpected events like illness or trip cancellations. It’s a small price for peace of mind, ensuring nothing spoils your getaway.
  • Accommodation: You can save significantly by choosing budget-friendly lodging. Look for places offering free perks like internet access and proximity to major attractions—be they sandy shores or cultural landmarks.
  • Kitchen Facilities: Booking a room with a kitchen can dramatically reduce food expenses. Research and read online reviews to plan your meals, shop for local groceries, and dine in on a dime while still experiencing delicious, authentic meals.
  • Hydration Costs: Keep hydrated, especially in summer, but avoid overspending on bottled water in tourist traps. Carry a refillable bottle; it’s a small step that keeps costs down.
  • Budget Management: Spread your spending across your trip. Set a daily budget, track your expenses, and try to stick to your limit to avoid end-of-trip money crunches.
  • Banking Smartly: Bring multiple cards but use ones that offer low international rates and no foreign transaction fees. Avoid airport currency exchanges and pricey last-minute souvenir shops; instead, explore local markets for the best deals.
  • Free Activities: Engage in plenty of free or low-cost activities. Rent a bike, hike local trails, or join group tours. Look for free museums, parks, galleries, and cultural events to enrich your experience without spending a lot.

By planning carefully and choosing wisely, you can enjoy a fabulous and frugal family vacation this summer. Remember, it’s all about creating memorable experiences, not expenses!

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