I missed my connection

If you were not able to make your connection, please contact your airline directly.

Usually the quickest way to handle a missed connection is to contact airline representatives at the airport. They are better informed about the situation at hand and sometimes have more leeway in offering a suitable solution for you. If you are stuck in a long line at the airport, try calling your air carrier or contact their customer support team online.

When airlines offer an itinerary with one or more connecting flights to get you from point A to point B, all those connections in between are ‘protected’. In other words, if one of your flight legs gets delayed and you are not able to catch your next plane, the carrier will take care of you and will make sure you make it to your destination.

Affected passengers may be offered a different flight to their destination or accommodation and other necessary arrangements depending on the situation. Airlines’ policies vary in this regard. Sometimes getting a refund for the trip may also be an option.

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