General Questions

  • At Wowfare, we are committed to making the travel experience more affordable and comfortable. We provide extremely competitive pricing on airline tickets due to our numerous agreements with worldwide airlines. Our negotiations with these vendors facilitated our access to unpublished fares, therefore, the customers can take advantages of our professional service at the lowest price on market. Wowfare has negotiated discounted fares with airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air China, Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Scandinavian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, El Al Airlines and Turkish Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, South African Airlines, Japan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and many others.

  • You must have a valid passport when boarding your flight. However, as a general rule, the travel industry recommend that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates as some airlines and some countries have a six month rule. Visa requirements vary depending on the country. We highly recommend you always check foreign entry requirements for travelers from your country of nationality by contacting the local embassy or consulate of your destination country. Please be aware it’s your own responsibility to obtain a visa when required. Remember also to check with all countries involved in your itinerary for exact rules for your nationality. If you change airports it will no longer be considered a transit and you will have to check the applicable rules for a 'normal' visa.

  • In most cases the airlines require the fares to be non-refundable and non-exchangeable, however if something comes up and you need to cancel or postpone your trip, you'll be able to get a refund or exchange depending on the type of fare you've chosen. The flexibility of ticket often correlates with the price, with the cheapest tickets typically non-exchangeable and non-refundable, and more expensive fares offering greater flexibility. Anyway, there are some exceptions so you should always check the fare conditions associated with your ticket with a Wowfare travel specialist. Airlines that allow exchanges or refunds may charge an airline penalty and the agency processing fee, which your agent will quote at the time of purchase. Penalty fees are subject to airline rules.

  • Yes, you’ll be able to cancel your booking and request a refund, however it is depending on the type of ticket you hold. The cancellation request must be submitted to Wowfare or directly to the airline company. If you decide to cancel the reservation within 24 hours after the ticket has been issued, there are no fees applied, even so this rule cannot be applied to rush flights. If the cancellation request is submitted later than 24 hours, then you’ll have to pay the fee required by the Airline. As a general rule, all bookings must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel your ticket, the airline will treat the ticket as a "No Show" and the ticket automatically loses its value; therefore cannot be exchanged or refunded. Note: If you have a paper ticket rather than an e-ticket, you must return the paper ticket to Wowfare Tickets before we can process any kind of refund or exchange.

  • If you need to change your ticketed flights, such as the dates, destinations, or times, your ticket must be reissued. In most of the cases, airlines will charge a fee for exchanging a ticket and a processing fee will apply up to $100. Moreover, there may be a fare difference applied between the original dates and the new travel dates. Tickets cannot be changed online.

    Some general rules to keep in mind are:

    • Tickets may not be exchanged from one airline to another.
    • You cannot change the name on an airline ticket or transfer the ticket to a third party (non-transferable).
    • Tickets usually cannot be exchanged if you did not cancel your itinerary prior to the scheduled departure time of your original flight. This is called a “no show” and the airline considers your ticket to be null and void with no further value for an exchange. (Note: Most of the airlines require itineraries to be canceled 24 hours prior to originally scheduled flight to retain credit)

    When you are considering a cancellation or a change, please contact our Wowfare travel specialists who will assist you with the request. Please note that cancellation policy depends on the type of fare and airline policy. Wowfare technical support agents are standing by 24/7 to help you with any request.

  • Missed flights are considered a “No Show” by the airlines and immediately suspended. If you miss your flight you should immediately seek assistance with the nearest airline customer service representative. Suspended tickets have no value and cannot be exchanged or refunded. If you find that you missed your flight, you can also call the airline and plead your case with them directly. Depending on the representative, they may open the ticket up for you to use on a future flight. Wowfare is unable to reinstate tickets that have been suspended by airlines.

  • Wowfare has a free of charge 24h cancellation policy. Within this time frame, you can contact Wowfare and process modifications such as date/route/name changes, but kindly note that such modification always requires cancellation of your original booking and therefore we must rebook your flight which can cause a price increase or a fare difference in the price.

  • All tickets are non-transferable and name changes are not permitted.

  • An e-ticket is an electronic version of conventional paper ticket. It represents an agreement of air transportation between the passenger and the airline company. Once you confirm and pay for your itinerary, an electronic ticket is issued and an electronic ticket file is attached to your reservation and can be accessed by the airline(s).

  • Wowfare issues mostly e-tickets. Once your electronic tickets are issued, you will receive an email confirmation which will include the ticket number and the reservation numbers for each airline you’ll be traveling on. Therefore, you’ll be able to print the ticket and check the itinerary. Please take in consideration that Wowfare is not liable for lost or delayed tickets.

  • E-ticket confirmation will be e-mailed to you after Wowfare has ensured the ticket has been issued. If you have any issues with the ticket, feel free to contact Wowfare and a travel specialist will further assist you.

  • Wowfare agents will email the itinerary to you instantly; however, you can view and access your itinerary anytime by entering your 6 digit reservation number and last name on the airline’s official website.

  • Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we have knowledgeable technical support agents standing by 24/7 to help you with any request.

  • Certainly - Wowfare specializes in discounted last minute deals, we are likely to find you a seat, even hours before a flight!

  • No, unfortunately Wowfare no longer sells open ended tickets. Most airlines don't offer this option, but you can get something similar if you're willing to pay to fly on a flexible or refundable fare.

  • Thank you for choosing our company to meet your travel needs!

    Due to the Novel Coronavirus, we are currently experiencing high call volume at Wowfare Call Center. Therefore, you may experience a greater hold time than usual or may not be able to connect.

    If your original flight is not scheduled to depart within the next 3 days, please help us to maintain the lines available for assisting the passengers with urgent matters.


    As the situation is still evolving, airlines and other travel partners are continually reviewing their policies. If you are not due to travel within the next 3 days to the countries affected by coronavirus, we recommend that you wait before contacting us to ensure we have the latest policy information for your travel.

    To cancel your flight

    1. Go to the official airline website to see if a policy for your destination has been issued to waive change and cancellation fees due to this event.
    2. If a policy has been issued, you do not need to call our call centre for a cancellation. Please send us your booking details via this form.
    3. All existing requests are prioritized by the departure date. We will contact you at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure to confirm the amount which will be credited to your card used at the time of purchase. Agency processing fee may apply.
    4. If your airline has not issued a policy, and you still wish to cancel, regular penalties and restrictions will apply.

    To change your flight

    1. Go to the official airline website to see if a policy to your destination has been issued to waive change and cancellation fees due to this event.
    2. Prepare potential dates for rebooking your travel according to the airline's policy coverage. Policies may change or be added at any time, so check for updates before contacting us.
    3. If your airline has not issued a policy, we can still assist you, normal penalties and restrictions will apply.
    4. When you are ready to rebook, please send us your booking details via this form.
    5. All existing requests are prioritized by the departure date. We will contact you back at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.
    6. In case you are absolutely set against traveling during the coronavirus spread — even if you're going somewhere without the virus — we do suggest that instead of walking away and losing the whole value of your trip, paying a change fee to reschedule your flight for the later travel period.

    Important Information:

    - If your trip is not within 48 hours, we urge you to hold off calling, to allow our customer support team to focus on customers with immediate needs. We appreciate your patience.

    - If you are not traveling within the next few days, please call back later since our current wait times exceed three hours and all urgent requests are prioritizing by the departure date.

    Last updated: March 15, 2020