Summary: You are protected against the most common travel issues by our free guarantee.

You can benefit from our Guarantee if you have encountered a schedule alteration, delay, or cancellation that can cause the loss of your relevant flight (hereinafter “the part of the flight combination”), and consequently, the inability to follow your predetermined route. In these circumstances, we take the responsibility to provide an alternative connection (which departs not over 72 hours compared to the original departure time of your missed relevant flight) or a refund (equivalent to 200% of the value of the original relevant flight).

You have to get in touch immediately with our Customer Service once you get a notice about the schedule changes, delays, or cancellations of your relevant flights. Besides that, you are obligated to provide evidence of your flight disruption (for instance but not limited to, a notification from the airline), or your Guarantee may be voided. The available channels for connection are provided below. Our Customer Service is available 24/7:

  • Phone number: +1 855-971-1654
  • Online chat available on
  • Email: [email protected]

Where the Guarantee applies:

  • Your flight has been delayed, canceled, or its schedule changed, due to any cause except Force Majeure situations (discover the details below). As a consequence, you lost your relevant flight and no alternative flight was proposed by the airline.
  • ONLY to the combination of flights in question, which were booked by 2 or more separate tickets, and include a Self-transfer. That means different PNR numbers will be assigned to each segment of the route;
  • You missed your connecting flight due to the baggage delay.

The Guarantee is NOT applied:

  • When the flight is not booked via Wowfare website.
  • To flight connections with layovers and transfers covered by the airline and created by standard interlining;
  • To flights that aren’t part of the combination provided by us;
  • When you missed the connection due to personal matters that weren’t caused by any flight disruption stated above;
  • Immigration and customs procedures were prolonged and you missed your connecting flight;
  • In case any improvements were done to the itinerary provided by us, or to the additional services that aren’t specified herein;
  • When you did not have the correct visa or travel documents for your layover airport;

In case of political disputes, border closures, refusal of visas, climate or other matters of a similar nature and any other Force Majeure.

Under Force Majeure situation fall, but are not limited to:

  • meteorological conditions,
  • volcanic ash clouds,
  • natural catastrophes,
  • political volatility,
  • strikes,
  • blockades,
  • security risks,
  • airport system malfunctions,
  • bankruptcy or mass cancellation of the flights of the same Carrier (more than 5 flights in 24 hours).

As usual, the airline protects its passengers against Force Majeure situations, but you can always upgrade your security by purchasing additionally travel insurance.

Customer Responsibility:

Any customer is expected to cooperate and proceed to the next segment of the combination on the customer’s flight itinerary in due course. The minimum self-transfer time that is specified below is considered sufficient for the customer to manage the next departure point of the itinerary:

  • 60 minutes – if the customer doesn’t possess check-in baggage;
  • 90 minutes – if the customer possesses check-in baggage;
  • 120 minutes – if the customer is compelled to move to another terminal within the same airport (aside from the possession of check-in baggage);
  • 180 minutes – if the customer is compelled to move to another terminal within the same metropolitan area (aside from the possession of check-in baggage).

In case you are offered an itinerary which includes a self-transfer, you will get informed by one of our agents. You should read the Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing an itinerary that contains a self-transfer.

Self-transfer implies manual re-check of the baggage and we suggest to check-in online for all relevant flights before boarding any flight of your itinerary.


The customer is accountable for the information displayed at the airport, including the one related to alteration of gates, terminals and time of departure in order to get on the relevant flight. We cannot take responsibility for the customer’s missed flight resulted from the issues other than the disruptions mentioned above. The Guarantee cannot be applied in case the customer didn’t succeed to perform the self-transfer in due course, despite the minimum self-transfer time being put on his disposal.