Now, you can elevate and streamline your travel experience with our service bundles intended to provide more comfortconvenience, and flexibility.

When You Might Consider Purchasing a Service Bundle

Do you have a change of plans? Would you like to select other seats or maybe reschedule your flight for another date?

There’s no more necessity to pay the higher-than-expected fees to make any changes. Additional service bundles will help you deal with such situations in a seamless way.

Opt for service bundles to avoid being additionally charged in such situations as:

  • Date change
  • Schedule change
  • Route modification
  • Name correction
  • Seat reinstatement
  • Flight cancellation

Basic, Standard, and Plus: What You Need to Know

You’re welcome to choose between 3 various service bundles when you make a booking: Basic, Standard, and Plus. Let’s take a closer look at each service plan and its features:

Bundle TypeBasicStandardPlus
Exchange & Refund Processing Fee$150.00$50.00$0.00
* Choosing the Basic plan you’ll have to pay $150.00 in addition to airline fees when doing ticket changes outside 24 hours of booking. The Standard bundle allows you to reduce the fee to $50.00, while the Plus plan gets you off any extra charges.
24 Hours Cancellation$50.00FreeFree
* Any booking can be changed, canceled, and refunded within 24 hours of booking. You’ll have to pay $50.00 for it in case of the Basic plan; however, when obtaining the Standard and Plus plan, it will be for free.
Schedule Change Handling$50.00$25.00$0.00
* If your ticket is affected by airline schedule changes, our agents will help you to reschedule your trip for a fee of $50.00 with the Basic plan, $25.00 with the Standard plan, or free of charge with the Plus plan.

It’s important to mention that the service bundles, whether Standard or Plus, don’t extend towards additional fees (change penalty or fare difference) that Travel Suppliers may require.

Schedule Change Handling: The Best Way to Deal with Unexpected Changes

When booking a trip, it’s essential to be aware of all the possible travel issues beforehand. Let’s find out more about a situation that occurs most frequently, a schedule change.

What is a schedule change, and when can it happen?

A schedule change implies any flight schedule involuntary modification made before the departure date. It’s pretty commonplace and might happen to any passenger. The most common reason for a schedule change is the urgent operational needs of an airline, such as decreasing service frequency or optimizing aircraft utilization.

Any schedule change continuously varies as it depends on the operating airline and a given departure. It ranges from insignificant adjustments to a wholly canceled flight.

How can I stay informed regarding schedule changes?

In general, airlines will send you a single notification about the recent schedule change. However, if your flight is scheduled for the next month or even later, it might become a bit critical to manually check your itinerary in a regular manner.

If you’re not thrilled about the necessity of checking your flight schedule on your own, Wowfare is on the way to help you! Our customer service team will alert you right away if an airline schedule change impacts your booking.

Why should I opt for the Schedule Changes Handling option?

When acquiring this option, you don’t even have to worry about dealing with sudden schedule changes made by your airline. So, from now on, Wowfare becomes your advocate in resolving such an issue. Our team will work with the airline to address the changes and provide you with new flight options to get you to the desired destination with no hassle!

Bottom Line

Life is continuously changing—especially when it comes to booking a trip. The offered service bundles will help you to prevent sudden expenses when unexpected circumstances come up. Moreover, it will bring you the most flexible booking experience and the most reliable customer support available for all your travel needs 24/7.

Do you need more information?

If you’re still looking for additional information or in case you need emergency travel assistance, please contact us right away!